“THE RAVENS OF GOR” by Carol Sanders


This book is about another Fairy who came on the second day of a workhop on Intuition and Channelling that I attended several months ago. I had been feeling at a loss; had let go of all that inspired me and lost faith in my ability to imagine and dream. I was inundated with the mundane workload of my days and had walked out of my fantasy life. A friend told me about the workshop and I realized this might be an opportunity which would help to reawaken my ability to vision and manifest.

On the second day of the workshop, she came, this little Fairy who reminded me of a Dragonfly. Her name was Lilli, and she spoke through me on that day. She seemed eternally in love with life and wanted to tell everyone what was so special about them. That’s exactly what she did; it was part of an exercise where the participants were required to give one another messages through the spirit guides that came to us. It was an uplifting and joyful experience, moving from person to person, acknowledging their beauty and talent as seen through the eyes of Lilli. Then just as suddenly as she came, she was gone, because the exercise was over and we had to move on to the next lesson. She disappeared and I was sad. She was sad, for the very thing that gave her essence was taken away. Lilli spoke through me with such fervour. She was so eager to share her Fairy magic. It was as though someone gagged her, slapped her out of her reverie, and sent her back to wherever she came from. She was the little child sent for a “time out”.

Where did she go? Not really very far, for she lives in that mythical world of phantasm and she is ready to share her journey. Of course, for those who have read me before, the journey is always about my life, where I am currently in the great cycle of being, and how I cope with the ever spiralling changes, as I grow older and hopefully wiser in this existence.

And reaching will it not be soft and kind,
At rest from life, from patience and from pain,
At rest from bliss, we know not when we find,
How can I have enough of life and love.

Lilli was distressed, for while she was flying high in her element, she suddenly landed with a great thump upon the ground. She had ventured to the Outerworld to perform a Fairy feat, which for her, was to pass on messages of joy, peace and harmony to human creatures. It’s what Fairies do from time to time, though they can be just as mischievous in their taunting ways as well. There she was, flitting about from face to face and speaking through the mouth of an transcriber. This is what some Fairies call the human vessels through which they communicate their Fairy messages. Fairy speak is quite different from human speak, so a Fairy chooses the receptacle best suited to transmit the message. A transcriber has an innate ability to translate impressions into words as they pass from one element to another.

Lilli found the perfect form from which to broadcast her message, and then, just as she was revving up, getting into high gear, she was pulled back and shut down. The transmission ended and she found herself right back where she started. Humans can be quite unthinking, and often don’t give enough time for a thought to be realized, translated and passed on before dismissing it. It was not a fait accompli.
Carol Sanders © 2004


“The 13th Planet” by Carol Sanders


(Quoted from the Mayan Oracle, by Ariel Spilsbury)

books_13th_planet“They called her Cat, Scat Cat by some. She never stayed long, kind of sauntered in, winding her way around the bodies, brushing up against those who attracted her interest, but not for long. Purring like some finely tuned engine, revving on the high side of the dial. She never stayed for long. She was an Intergalactic Nomad, but the Moon was her base of operations. No one knew for sure exactly what this was based on. Some thought she was a trader in merchandise or contraband, others were sure she was a star thief, but most agreed she was an enigma. Just when some bespeckled brainnerd thought he had her figured out, she’d fool him or kill him, leaving nothing but death dust to kick up in a windless space.”

In the year Red Planetary Moon. They say that the Moon cannot sustain life. They, being the scientific world at large. How wrong, what small minds conjured up such a vernacularism. For the Moon surely sustains all life on earth, without her the waters would not move with tidal grace, the earth would not be seasoned as she is, nothing would know to grow and children would not be born. Life, could not and would not go on.

A complete departure from the Fairies series of books written, The 13th Planet is a time space sojourn through my psyche and since I was to go out there into the Cosmos, what was the closest thing in my life to the Galaxy. I know absolutely nothing about space travel, very little about the planets, but I know something of Mayan Astrology and the Dreamspell* (see Time). So my characters are based on my Kin Family, which are different aspects of me. Join me on this intergalactic tale or mystery, magic and mayhem and plug into the Zuvuya (the circuit by which all returns to the self).

Carol Sanders © 2003


littlefairyMia Pilana,  The Fairy in the Bell Tower”

by Carol Sanders

(La Fata Nella Torre Della Campana)



When I was a little girl I used to sit on my Grandmother’s lap and she would tell me stories from her homeland in Italy. She would spin such wonderful tales. One of my favourites was about the wolves that roamed the hills of Italy.

Mia_PilanaThis is not the story of wolves, but one of my Fairies, Mia Pilana, for she came to me at a time when I missed my family most. I missed their drama, their beauty, their artistry, their songs, their celebration and their lives. These are the wondrous characters who are all a part of me and I wanted to share their dreams, their disappointments, their triumphs and their gifts. And of course, I put it all in the most dramatic setting in their honor.

I had a dream, and in that dream
We were together
Together always

We felt the sun upon our smiling brows
We felt the rain wash away the tears of sadness
We touched and felt
The power of the Universe

We revelled in our love, we rejoiced in our hearts
We sang to the stars I am another you
And you are the best of me
Let us celebrate the life we share forever

©Carol Sanders   2009


“The Fairies” by Carol Sanders


I lost my wings Oh Fairy Sisters
Long ago in some forgotten time
I flew out of a fantasy and into the fire

They were gone in an instant
Burnt up in a moment of reality
where fairies are not allowed

I had no fairy dust to heal them
For I had swept it under the rug
Along with my hopes and wishes and dreams


This is the first book published by Dark Queen. It is the journey of ten fairies through the mythical world of creation, imagination, experience and enlightenment. It is based on the personal insight, beliefs, dreams and visions of the author.

Each short story is in itself complete, each a step toward completion.

“I am Stellaria, I close my eyes and see the tapestry of the night sky. The images unfold in glorious color, moving in a procession. Stories unlimited enter my mind and fill my heart with joy”

“The dark fairy opened her eyes and looked into the face of Stellaria. A smile of recognition passed over her face. She stood and stretched her small body it it’s full height. She smiled again and took Stellaria’s hand and led her farther into the crystal expanse. Each step they took produced musical harmonious tones. The melodic symphony of their steps accompanied their journey through the cave.”

Recommended reading for all who have reached the age of reason and still believe in magic.

The Fairies is available in bookstores or can be ordered directly on this site for the price of

©Carol Sanders   1995


“I read your book a long while ago and found it charming but something was missing. I have been on my own journey of late for for an inexplicable reason, I read your book again today; cover to cover, in one sitting. Nothing incredible in that feat except that it’s a different book! Actually, I believe I am finally aware enough to understand it. The circle is complete. The pupil was ready and the teacher appeared (as is all stuff of life). I felt the meaning! I had a smile on my face through the whole book as if greeting a long lost friend. That I knew you, that I bought your book, it was meant to be. Not only is the book a mirror of my experiences, but it is like you opened your heart to my interpretation. It takes courage. I too, have made a friend of the Dark. I laughed in wonder at the ending of the book. Simply awesome!”

U. Debiasi


“The Fairy in the Mist” by Carol Sanders

This is the second book in the series of Fairies.

“Somewhere between the land and the sea
In the place of mystical dreams, you’ll see
The Fairy in the Mistfairy_mist img
She wanders the beach alone and free
And moves through the world of reality
The Fairy in the Mist
The sea brings tidings from distant shore
The stones speak of ancient legend and lore, to
The Fairy in the Mist
The sand is her garden to tend and care
Magical creatures and stories to share, with
The Fairy in the Mist”

Riim sat and watched the mist roll off the ocean towards the waiting shore. Each wave kissed the sand in ceremonial greeting and then drew back to make way for another. Riim’s eyes were drawn to the azure sky, awakening to the light of the rising sun. Here and there a soft billowy cloud, tinged with the pinkness of a new dawn, drifted in to welcome the day. The winter storms were at an end and there was the freshness of spring in the sea air, and there was always the mist in the morning.

©Carol Sanders   1997


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